Where it all began……

18 05 2010

Can you believe that almost 4 FULL sessions of The City League have gone by already?  What is that you say?  You would love to hear the story of how The City League began?  Well, gather around children for a tale I will tell. 

It seems like just yesterday when Cale & I sat down at a little place called Michael’s Bar & Grill on Manchester for lunch…..all the way back in 2009.  I remember it vividly.  I had ordered the “Michael Burger,” which they are apparently famous for. (I had hoped they would comment at the end of the meal when I proudly displayed my Michael Burger debit card.  NOTE TO EMPLOYEES OF MICHAEL’S BAR & GRILL:  If anyone ever orders the “Michael Burger” please check their Debit Card.  See if the name happens to match the item they just ordered.  I have ordered that amazing item at least 10 times.  Yet, zero times has anyone noticed the irony in me ordering my own name.  It is quite disappointing every single time.)   Cale ordered something else.  I am sure it was delicious too.   I think I wore a shirt and pants, but I can’t really remember.   And I think that we might have set towards the front of the restaurant, but I can’t really remember that either.  Listen, the details aren’t important!  From time to time friends do this.  We meet, we talk, we consume food.  The chewing of the food and the slurping of the drink gives friends time to come up with their next witty line or the next story to share.  In this case, the chewing & drinking gave us time to create the idea for a recreational sports league that ensured two things:

1.  Cases of Sparks would be consumed.  For those of you who haven’t had the distinct pleasure of trying Sparks, it is the equivalent of mixing a Red Bull with Mickey’s and throwing in a sleeve of Sweet Tarts.  Just try it! 

2.    Sand Volleyball would be fun again!  Who else throws a “Crappy Beer Party” at the end of each session?  Seriously….name me one other league that encourages you to bring the worst beer you have ever tasted and play the beer lottery.    And if they do, they copied us and they’re cheaters.  In all reality, I stole this concept from some old college buddies of mine.  But it still makes Sand Volleyball even more fun/intoxicating than ever before!

SIDENOTE:  Since most of you have never have never wasted time reading words that I have written before….and probably won’t waste time again, you had no way of knowing that I often times stray from the topic I was covering.  This is just a warning that it happens often.  In all reality, it will probably be easier to make out the Half English/Half Chinese Fortunes that you get at Pei Wei, (ie.  “You Like Food Good.”), than it will be to read this blog.

Back to 2009.  As Cale and I sat there, we wanted to create a place where people could meet new friends, interact with people of the same age and still have a great time in a competitive setting.  We had no idea that people like The Sandy V’s (temporarily known as C&B’s Unnatural Love) would make this task so difficult.  I could list reasons people don’t like them, but it isn’t necessary.  Everyone who has ever set foot in Shaw Park has muttered under their breath, “I hate those guys.”  But every league needs a villain.  Every league needs someone to top.  For the first two sessions (Spring 2009; Summer 2009) the Sandy V’s were undefeated.  They were good…..and they knew it.  But just like the Bulls crumbled when Jordan retired (both times), the Sandy V’s road to success was thwarted in the Fall 2009 session when “Sniper”  (aka Jordan) was unable to return.  Nash (aka  Toni Kukoc), Murry (aka Scottie Pippen) and Hawkins (aka…..I don’t know, maybe Steve Kerr….but Steve Kerr was taller than 5’6″…..oh well, for this story, we will call him Steve Kerr) were unable to handle the pressure of living without their Jordan and failed to join that session.  Other teams stepped in to take their place.  The up and coming Off Constantly (no pun intended….seriously!) took the Championship in the Fall of 2009.  As we approach our Spring 2010 Championship, the Jordan-less Bulls look to take back what was once theirs.  It won’t be easy though.  Teams like Call Your Balls, Hit It Hard and the Volley Lamas stand poised to make a run for The City League Golden Trophies!

You see, this is what Cale and I wanted.  Storylines, heroes and villains, and an unlimited supply of NBA analogies.  This is what we discussed that day at Michael’s Bar & Grill.  Thanks to every team this session for making Thursday nights so much fun!  We are looking forward to this Thursday night, when a Spring 2010 Champion will be crowned and fun will be had by all.   Bring the worst beer you can find.  Sure, PBR Light is cheap and amazing, but is it REALLY the best you can find?  We challenge you to do your best and bring your game, bring your 6 packs of horrible beer and bring your friends for The City League 2010 Spring Championship/Crappy Beer Party at Shaw Park!

Close your eyes, reach down deep and pull out that Dirt Cheap your taste buds have been crying out for!  See you Thursday!




8 responses

18 05 2010

You didn’t talk about the buffalo bills of the 2009 league the sloppy sets LOL!!!! Runners-up three times in a roll.

18 05 2010

Weak… I definitely see myself as more of a Horace Grant.

18 05 2010
The City League Blog

Poohman…you are right……I didn’t mention the Jim Kelly led Buffalo Bills. You never know in the Playoffs what can happen. I will reserve the Buffalo Bills analogy for you until after we see how the Sloppy Sets do Thursday. How about this? If you guys make it to the Final Four, I will write an entire blog about the triumph that this session turned out to be. If you don’t make the Final Four, you guys change your name to the Sloppy Joes. Deal?

18 05 2010
The City League Blog

And Nash….you’re right. The City League will now officially recognize you as Horace Grant. See if you can find a Nike shirt that says GRANT on the front.

19 05 2010
Spiked Punch

Spiked Punch would like to say thank you for what can only be called “incredible restraint” on no commentary on our team’s performance this session :). Good luck to all teams who are actually playing tomorrow night!

27 05 2010

so… sweet blog. 1 entry.

28 05 2010
The City League Blog

Nash….the newest blog recapping the last season and looking forward to the new one will be updated over Memorial Day weekend. Don’t get your proverbial panties in a bunch.

16 08 2010

I must admit that I have gone a few months without reading your blogs and I see that you don’t write that often. You should write more often. Its fun to read what you write about us sometimes 🙂

Volleyball is something that my dad used to enjoy playing when he met my mother. The whole time I was growing up, my dad never cared to teach me the game. It was not until I graduated from Iowa State that I decided to give it a try and I loved it. The most important thing in Volleyball is team chemistry and I am sure if I haven’t met my buddy Sam at the time, I wouldn’t have taken on Volleyball as a hobby. Michael and Cale, I am on the same boat as you guys. All it takes is a good friend to start something and the rest is history!!!

I love playing at the City League the most. Its not because we get some easy wins, its all about the people. I met Stefanie from Craigslist when she was signing up for a team at the CityLeague and decided to give it a try. We didn’t do so hot the first few games, but later I realize I absolutely love playing with her. She is one of the best people I came to know in St Louis (I have only been here a little less than 2 years. I met a handful other people who kept wanting to play at the City League. So I know you guys are doing something right! Keep it up!!!

Also, if anyone is interested, I teach Salsa 🙂 🙂 🙂

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